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Brew Day Musings, Part 2: The Beers

Sorry for the gap. A bit of writers block as I realized how many things I have to write about. You’d think that would make things easier, but no, not for me. I am going to keep using the proper brewing terms for things, and plan to post a “brewer’s lexicon” soon to help out […]

Brew Day Musings, Part 1: The Pump

I am going to talk about the successes and failures of my latest brew day in a few sessions, so that I can talk about in more manageable, focused, chunks. First, about my first day using a pump. I used a March 809-HS that I got for Christmas (the new variant, as sold at MoreBeer) […]

Homebrewing Ramp Up

I have managed to deplete my stocks of homebrew from pre-xmas, and as such am getting ready to brew several batches, with some brand new equipment and recipes. This weekend will come an extract brew of a English Southern Brown Ale from Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer (a great book that […]