Brew Day Musings, Part 2: The Beers

Sorry for the gap. A bit of writers block as I realized how many things I have to write about. You’d think that would make things easier, but no, not for me. I am going to keep using the proper brewing terms for things, and plan to post a “brewer’s lexicon” soon to help out […]

Brew Day Musings, Part 1: The Pump

I am going to talk about the successes and failures of my latest brew day in a few sessions, so that I can talk about in more manageable, focused, chunks. First, about my first day using a pump. I used a March 809-HS that I got for Christmas (the new variant, as sold at MoreBeer) […]

Homebrewing Ramp Up

I have managed to deplete my stocks of homebrew from pre-xmas, and as such am getting ready to brew several batches, with some brand new equipment and recipes. This weekend will come an extract brew of a English Southern Brown Ale from Brewing Classic Styles by Jamil Zainasheff and John Palmer (a great book that […]

Review of Stone Lukcy Basatrd Ale

This Lukcy Basatrd Ale (no, that is not a typo) is a cuvée, a wine term meaning “blend”, of various Arrogant Bastard Variants. This includes the original Arrogant Bastard (now 14 years old), Double Bastard, and Oaked Arrogant Bastard. For a bit of background, I think Arrogant Bastard is a wonderful beer, and I am going […]

Review of Sierra Nevada Hoptimum

Everyone (me) was very excited about Sierra Nevada Brewing’s first Imperial IPA, due out January First. Well, it did not trickle out in the Bay Area until at least the 20th, but I got my hands on some bottles. First impressions: Unimpressed. Too Sweet. In more detail, I think for an Imperial IPA to carry […]

Welcome to Nick’s Beer Blog

This blog will be an attempt to document my wanderings around the world of homebrewing and craft beer enjoyment. I will be detailing interesting recipes, techniques, and reviewing craft beer. I am going to start by getting some simple stuff out there, and then will clean up the design, and possibly the location of the […]